Our Manifesto

The world as we know it will never be the same.

After a year of pandemic, social unrest, and economic reform, we are at an unprecedented time to embrace the changes that are happening and not only be prepared for them, but prosper from them.

Our belief is that abundance, prosperity, and happiness is our birthright.

We believe our human spirit is what brings us all together.

We all share a common great purpose. To contribute to creating a better world for our family.

Not just our individual family, but for some of us, those I like to call the rebels, lovers, and dreamers - to elevate our family on earth, humanity.

The human beings that are focused on this task I believe have one of the greatest opportunities in the history of this world to create wealth beyond imagination along with social impact that will ripple for generations to come.

Here’s the hard truth. We will not survive with the current antiquated systems financially, politically, and environmentally.

As we see disruption and innovation in every sector across the globe we believe the businesses that will be focused on the betterment of the world, our planet, and humanity will attract the $30 Trillion shift in wealth happening over this next decade alone. (Bridgewater Research Report)

We are focused on our community members being on the right side of this shift.

Our mission is to build a leading impact investment platform at the forefront of this 4th industrial revolution by being a bridge to diverse investors across the planet that want to make a difference with their capital and do it with a collective of other heart-led leaders.

With our combined experience of 50+ years investing ourselves, we know that it is important to build sustainable and profitable businesses that bring an ROI to shareholders while solving problems on the planet.

This is how we define a conscious investment. It drives impact AND profit. Both are important to us as we know with great returns we can continue to create great impact.

Our oath is to never present an investment purely for money. For us, it has to be in alignment and integrity with creating a better future for our world.

Being a member of CCS provides you with an opportunity to be in a community of other like minded investors that understand that prosperity and wealth are a consciousness and when we embody these energies, it is who we are internally so naturally it is what we will create externally.

Therefore, we take our application process very seriously. It’s even more important to us who you are at the core more than just your achievements. If you are just looking to make money, this is NOT the syndicate community for you.

If you are looking to create a massive impact while you have the chance for your family and to create a better world for the next generation to inherit, then joining CCS is perfect for you.

To be honest, I used to try to be the investor, builder, and creator all alone.

And what I have found is that the era of lone wolf is over.

Loneliness and fear keep you playing small.

In order to reach your full potential it takes opening yourself to community.

Now you may be wondering if you even belong or that maybe you need to be some millionaire or billionaire to be a part of CCS.

Well there are definitely millionaires and future billionaires in our community but you don’t need to be one to get in.

That’s what makes us unique. It’s not how much money you have that gets you into this community. It’s who you BE in the world.

It’s about having the courage and answering the call to play a bigger game.

Trusting what is possible by being a part of a conscious community of investors.

It’s a diverse group from beginners to experts in investing but if there's one thing we all have in common …

We all have the desire to create the biggest impact we can while alive and become the very best version of ourselves for our families.

What we have learned since inception over a year ago is this…

We are stronger together in numbers.

We attract better investment opportunities.

We contribute greater resources.

We reduce risk of failure.

We maximize better possibilities.

We learn from each other.

We create a more meaningful impact.

And we have more fun doing it together.

So, if you’re still reading this… most likely you’re ready to step into this next chapter of your life as a conscious capital syndicate member, APPLY NOW.

I can’t wait to personally welcome you and celebrate your up-level.

Your sincerely,
Gerard R. Adams
Partner / Member
Conscious Capital Syndicate

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